Naxos is the largest island of Cyclades and offers a variety of choices which meet the needs of each visitor. Litsa Studios in Agia Anna, one of the most famous beaches of the island, can be your base for your visits across the island.


The island’s landscape varies among sandy beaches, picturesque villages, wild landscapes, Venetian castles, Byzantine churches and archaeological sites.


In the town, just 6 km from Agia Anna, you should visit the imposing monument “Portara” for the amazing sunset and walk the streets around the Venetian castle. In the hinterland of the island, there are numerous villages and don’ t miss to stop at Bazeos’ tower for its cultural events, at the old commercial capital Chalki to visit the traditional citrus distillery, in the picturesque mountain village of Apeiranthos, and in the fishing village Apollonas with the enormous marble statue “Kouros”.


Naxos offers a variety of activities including hiking to the nature and visits to archaeological sites, churches and monasteries. The endless beaches are ideal for water sports and diving services to some of them. Finally, for food lovers, there are plenty of dining choices in restaurants and taverns with local products from the fertile soil of the island such as olives, fruits, vegetables, the famous Naxos’ potatoes and fresh meats and fishes.