Accommodating the Tomorrow, too

At Litsa Studios we care about the environment and we have implemented several measures in order to prevent potential impacts, associated with our operations. We try to protect it as much as possible, and simultaneously maintain the high quality hospitality for our guests.


According to the Sustainable Travel Organization [], tourism is responsible for approximately 8% of the world’s carbon emissions, with lodging alone accounting to 6% of the world’s emissions. We understand and acknowledge the need for environmentally responsible and sustainable practices at any level for any business, so we strive to incorporate relative actions into all of our renovations and operations.


We are glad and proud to announce our two last investments: the extension to the double of our system of solar heaters for hot water and the installation of a small photovoltaic system 3,15kW in net – metering mode to produce a significant part of the electricity consumed during the summer without using batteries. The simulation showed that our PV system can exceed 5.000Wh energy production per year. We aimed to strongly exploit the sun energy that reaches our roof and our engineers had estimated that the new installations can reduce our energy needs over 85%. Electricity is the only type of energy used in our building. We will replace the forecast with real data from energy bills after one year of full operation (July 2024).


Click the button below to watch online our PV production:



Before this year, in our constant effort to reduce the carbon impact of our lodging, we have adopted several popular eco-friendly decisions:

  • Our A/Cs have been replaced with new inverter controlled ones, energy classified over A+. They are able to provide with high efficiency both cooling and heating.
  • The electrical supply of the rooms is activated by key cards. Some minutes after your leave, everything – except the fridge- will be off.
  • We replace the old light bulbs with LED ones, when they blow out.
  • Most of the exterior lighting is controlled by timers.
  • The outdoor AC and hot water pipes are fully insulated.
  • The roof is covered by a white ultra-reflective water-proof polyurethane membrane EPD verified, which reflects a great amount of the solar irradiation reaches its surface and as a final result not only protects from water penetration, but also reduces significantly the cooling loads of the upper floor (over 25% in total). This is the so called “Cold Roof System”.
  • All the balcony doors are double-glazed.
  • We prefer making “green purchases” in painting and cleaning supplies.
  • In our office work, we have reduced the use of paper. We prefer sending receipts/invoices to our guests by email.
  • When the toilet flushes are broken down, we replace them with dual-flow ones
  • As we can’t avoid the water plastic bottles and other packaging (as aluminium cans, glass bottles) for hygiene reasons, we – and also encourage you – to recycle them!
  • In the public spaces of our building you will find two types of rubbish bins: one for the regular general wastes and one for recyclable materials, like plastic and glass bottles and cans. We collect them and we dispose them appropriately.
  • Our partners and most of our suppliers are locals. So, we participate at the support of the local community through tourism and reduce the transportation emissions for our supplies.

Willing to have our guests as followers to our attempts for a more eco-friendly operation, we encourage you to keep in mind the followings during the stay at Litsa Studios and Naxos Island in general:

  • As our priority is your best convenience, we change and wash the towels every day. You can reuse the towels- just let us know!
  • Turn out the lights and devices you don’t use anymore.
  • Try to avoid opening the refrigerator door more regular than necessary.
  • Use the air conditioner for your convenience, but please keep the windows closed. The result is cold enough even at 24 oC.
  • There are regular buses connecting the Port / Naxos Downtown with Agia Anna and the famous beaches of Western Naxos. The cost of the ticket is around 2,5euros Moreover, they are in a walking distance of 2-5km, if you feel like this. So, your car can have vacations too parked at home. And the transportation emissions because of your holidays are significantly lower.
  • From the port, there are many bus routes to the most popular villages around the island. Also, there are bus tours and boat excursions that pass or start from the fishing port of Agia Anna, just 100m from Litsa Studios and guide you to the mainland of Naxos or to the close islands of Heraklia and Koufonisi. We can help you with your trips and book your tickets.
  • Water is super precious in the islands. Please use it responsibly.
  • Do not litter the sea or the beaches.
  • Do not light fires in the countryside.
  • Never dispose lit cigarettes in the garbage bins