A journey to old professions at Kaloxilos village

On July 15th we had the chance to explore Kaloxilos village. It was the first day of 3days activities at the village trying to connect the past to the present by presenting the old professions to people and especially to children. The evening closes with shadow puppet theatre (Karagiozis) at the small square of the village. Some of the professions we saw were the icecream man with his bicycled who offered ice cream to everyone, the pottery, the shoeshiner, the photographer, an old service center for bikes, the old olive press and electric generator of the area.

Kaloxilos is a beautiful village with alleys to walk around, old and renovated houses to admire the architecture of the area. You can read more about the village on the municipality webpage https://www.naxos.gr/kaloxylos-village/?lang=en

Don’t miss the chance to visit the village on 16th and 17th of July to travel to the past professions!